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What is Everything Sauce?

What is Everything Sauce you might ask… Well, its as simple as the name itself….  Dipping, marinade, simmering, sauté, salsa and even has a slight kick to find a way to a Hot sauce for some…   When it comes to cooking I always find it to be a pain in the butt to call on so many ingredients to create tasty flavors.  Not a chef by trade but I love to eat and more so im certainly lazy from time to time….  So the Everything Sauce was an idea turned into Reality.  Once the train got going on this new genre of a sauce the creativity flowed out into 4 radical flavors listed below.  These Sauces are all influenced on 2 simple factors… Tropical fruit Flavors and a whole lot of Pura Vida.   Pura Vida equals PURE LIFE, a phrase of endearment used in everyday life in Costa Rica.  A phrase that encompasses exactly what an Everything Sauce should be… The positive adjectives that describe a sauce like this are endless.  Delicious, Rico, and Radical just to name a few.

Let's think of it like this… Ice Cream we demand many flavors right?  In a smoothie we don’t only add Mango and ice…. Gotta have some other fruits to mix up the flavor, maybe some juice for consistency….  Salt even now comes mixed with epic additions as our pallets are demanding more!  Condiments have been begging for such an evolution and wouldn’t you know it… here comes EVERYTHING SAUCES from Costa Rica! Ricante wasn’t by design or a crafty marketing plan but more so made out of necessity. You see in Costa Rica at the time, CIRCA 2011…  Food was good but not with those flavor profiles Royce came to know and love living in Southern California.  Due to the culinary experience that is available both in Socal and Baja Mexico ones pallet enjoys opulence on the daily from a small taco shop in Ensenada to a local coffee shop in Pacific Beach.   Plenty of time between surfing gave way to Ricante and the Everything Sauces Collection was born.  As luck would have it, you can now find these sauces in your local Whole Foods Market and soon to be online!

Ricante Everything Sauce Skull

Tropical Guanabana Chimichurri

Ever heard of Guanabana?  Sour Soup is the English name of this amazing fruit and the name im forced to actually include on our labeling…

I like the sound of Gua-n-bana….!

Fruit is a trippy looking one that you wouldn’t think would be eaten by humans.

In addition, this fruit is also known to possess beneficial properties for the prevention of diseases such as cancer, as it contains high amounts of vitamin C, mineral salts and antioxidants; all are advantages!

So we set out to use this Uber Tropical fruit in a sauce..  Always wanted to add a Green sauce to the collection and Tomatillo Tomatos are not grown in volume here in the Tropics…. So, onc night while eating some Steak at our favorite Argentinean steak house the usual ChimiChurri was on the table….  Light Bulb!

Went home and got after it…

The Recipe of ChimiChurri is basic, Parsley, olive oil, garlic and red peppers… for me I always thought a little sweeter and a kick would be EPIC…. So we Fixed it

Added Guanbana, oranges and some Habaneros!

This classic South American Recipe with some Ricante magic has turned into an absolute versatile EVERYTHING Sauce in every way.  I have used to dip veggies in, Marinade Beef, pour on my Salads….

Tropical Guanbana ChimiChurri I promise will become a staple for anyone that likes to EAT!

See or recipe that uses this sauce, Chimichurri Drumsticks.

Tropical Mango Coconut Caribbean

Caribbean side of Costa Rica is a must anytime of the year but for us surfers between October and March each year mother ocean brings us some insane waves and we Humans chase them!  With that chase, we find ourselves in a completely different culture as the Rasta Vibe on the Carib is everywhere.  Rice and Beans is the call with Jerk chicken as many times as we can eat it we do!

Mango Coco Caribbean Style…  is our tribute to this lovely zone and its people!  Mango, creamy coconut mixed with garlic, ginger some hints of passion fruit, orange juice and of course... Habaneros!  This mix with each grinding session we hope you transport to that little restaurant on the beach that serves up their famous Rice and Beans that you remember!   And if you haven’t ever been to such a place….  Then Mango Coco will bring those positive Vibes to you wherever you are!

See our recipe that uses this sauce, Mango Coco Chicken Fajitas Recipe.

Tropical Pineapple Habanero Infused

Pina Dulce influenced, We cant get enough of the Pineapples and Mangos born and raised in Costa Rica.  Adding some olive oil to the mix for that extra option to use for Cooking….  Dill, garlic, turmeric and Cilantro are a combo we make daily with Lime Juice for that morning Immune boost, so why not add it into a sauce, Right?   Spice it up a bit with some local Habaneros and there you are!

Tropical Pineapple Habanero infused deliciousness!

Tropical Tamarindo Caribbean Jerk

Tamarindo, Costa Rica is just down the street from our home and where my wife grew up since she was 12 years old.  Sleepy beach town of yesterday but never the less still a radical place to enjoy a cold beer and epic Waves!

Tamarindo got its name from the Local Tree that is everywhere in the Zone… Can you guess the name?!!!   lol

The tamarind, that fruit that has even a song with its name.

The fruit is very Acid but mixed correctly with such love and you have our Tropical Tamarindo Caribbean Jerk Sauce!

Tomato’s, celery, cilantro, chives, raisins and a few other choice ingredients give that Caribbean jerk flavor that again is a family favorite in the Ricante household.  In addition, it has been shown that this fruit also has multiple health benefits, thanks to its high content in iron, phosphorus, zinc, calcium and all vitamins of group B. Of course, this small fruit will not only give a plus flavor to your dishes, but it will also help you take care of yourself.

This sauce will blow your mind when it comes to Marinades and Reduction.  Enjoy!

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